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Selling your home to us is probably easier than you ever imagined.  It's a 4-step process that requires a minimum investment in time from you.

Step 1: Contact Us !

You can reach out to us via email or telephone and we will get back to you very quickly.  When we do talk, we will want to know some basic information about your property.  We will discuss your timeline for selling your property and also learn of any special circumstances and requirements you have.  

Rest assured, everything you tell us will be kept in strict confidence.  We want to make sure we have a clear picture of what you need in order to make this sale work for you.  

Step 2: Conduct a Valuation of Your Property

We will visit your home and visually inspect it to determine its current condition.  This is a relatively quick process that will determine the value of your property.  We use our custom checklist to evaluate a number of different items on your home so that we can make a fair assessment of its current value.

Step 3: Present an Offer

Once we have finished our evaluation, we will present you with an offer for your property to get the sale started. The price offered can range from 70% to 90% of the current value of your property.  Remember that since we are investors and will be buying your house directly, for cash, you will not incur high broker fees and will not pay for any inspections or closing costs normally associated with a sale.

Step 4:  Accept the Offer

Once you accept the offer and contracts are signed, we will move quickly to close the purchase. We will file all the necessary paperwork and set a date for you to meet us at the closing table and collect your cash.

 It's as simple as that -- no stacks of paperwork to fill out, no waiting weeks and months for an offer, and no high commission fees to pay.  

Our intent with every transaction is to provide a win-win scenario.  In many instances, we are dealing with a situation where a person or a family is relinquishing ownership of their property under less than ideal circumstances.  This requires a level of compassion and understanding that most firms do not understand or provide.  We do.

We strive to treat every client with the same level of respect that we would want to receive ourselves.  This often includes being creative in the solutions we propose, reviewing each situation individually and providing a plan that best addresses the circumstances.

Our goal at all times is to be a high integrity, results-oriented firm that deals fairly with our clients on both sides of the equation – buyers and sellers.

We look forward to serving you.

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